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  • aw0099 aw0099 Feb 15, 2001 7:42 PM Flag

    Looks Like Wachenhut should have

    learned from Doc. Crants that you can not underbid a contract. Because you might get it. These two contracts have been doomed from the start. First you must pay your employees at least the same wages, second you canot cut cost from you medical, security, or food service, you must have those three squared away. You save money on single sourcing your supplies and your purchasing power as a company. You save money in having one Warden and Two Deputy's one over Security and one over programs instead of the three or four deputy's that the state instituions have. You save money by going to Walmart and buying 10 printers instead of paying a elevated price you get from a company who will over price their products to the state etc. But do not be fooled by the articles that the Arkansas Department of Corrections have such High Standards , most of their requirements are far below that of ACA. WCC made some bad mistakes,
    now they will have to pay for it. But the fact that WCC asked for a price increase is what poured the fuel on the fire. Over 50% of the state instituions could not pass ACA due to the buildings falling in. Most could not pass a Fire inspection if they were not a state prison. Wachenhut was wrong no doubt about it but it is kind of like a skillet calling the kettle black. Where were the state monitors while this place fell apart over night. The price increase was the driving factor to seperate the contract know the department must justify it.

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