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  • hachi05man hachi05man Jun 28, 2012 8:30 AM Flag

    Keystone Delay A Big Financial Plus for GEL!

    The announcement that bitumin(heavy crude oil) from the Alberta oil sands will be shipped via rail from Canada to GEL's Natchez,MS,terminal and then by GEL barges to Gulf Coast refineries is amazing. Here, the environmentalists figured that getting Obama to delay the Keystone Pipeline would keep a lot of oil sands crude out of the USA...but,hey, where there's a market private enterprise will find a way...and GEL's position in "black barges" able to handle heavy crude is going to lead to a big score for us. Strategically, this is great for the USA,too. We have the world's biggest refinery complex along the Gulf Coast. And a lot of refined products from it are exported to South America and Asia. The alternative is for Canada to ship crude to China and let the Chinese refineries score. So, this a "win" for the USA and a "win" for GEL..and hopefully a bump in distributions for us deserving unitholders. A special "thanks" to President Obama for supporting GEL like this!!

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    • smiling big time.
      we will be on many radar lists now.
      our small gem getting bigger.
      im hoping for more then a .01 increase.
      keep tuned more to come
      good investing

      • 1 Reply to dreiser139
      • transportation bill will pass no later then this weekend
        no mention of keystone pipe line
        i second hachios thx u mr president.
        this is a major windfall,with the announcement of shipping via rail all those canadian tar sands products to our mississippi refinery then using our barges to move the products further along the oil chain.
        results wont be immeadiately shown to first quarter 2013 however hold tight and if u r like me add to this gem now.the oil barage purchase a major coup for gels management team.
        and this latest announcement,imho,puts us over the top.
        as of now i dont feel the market comprehends the signifance of this announcement.
        but in time it will and we will be amply rewarded.
        good investing

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