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  • dreiser139 dreiser139 Jul 28, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    keystone pipe

    the right thing for america is that keystone be approved.however that fiscal illiterate in the white hous is giving every indication he wont approve.
    for gel imho this will significantly impact its business since they are in the business of moving oil,among other things,and will benefit all the other logistical oil moving businesses.any other thoughts on this matter.?
    just a good topic for discussion in my opinion.

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    • P.S. If you want an excellent discussion of the railroad shipments of bitumen from Alberta to USA refineries check out the latest Gulfport presentation. Not only is Gulfport a bit hitter with MWE in the Utica, but it is a large holder in the Alberta tar sands with its partial ownership of Grizzly. It is going into RR shipments in a big way...

    • Hi,Dreiser! Delaying or Terminating Keystone will help boost GEL BIGTIME. The Alterta tar sands crude will move to market with or without Keystone...and if there is one thing that the Bakken proved it is that you can move 700,000 barrels/day of crude by railroad tankcars. A unit train carries around 70,000 barrels of crude. So, you run 10 or 12 unit trains of crude/day out of Alberta and you have replaced Keystone. Now, GEL is taking delivery of 400 rail tank cars this Q alone. And it has Natchez building up to take Alberta crude from rail tank cars and putting it into barges on the Mississippi at Natchez for delivery to Gulf Coast refineries. And it just purchased barges/tugs from Hornbeck and has 4 more barges being built...hey,man, you think GEL is perhaps building the Alberta/Gulf Coast Supply Chain? I Do!! Best of all, Natchez is being built to load diluent in those tank cars for the haul back to Alberta..the diluent is used to make the Alberta heavy crude called bitumen flow easier. So you haul diluent and bitumen called "dilbit" in one direction and diluent in the other. What a money maker!!! ( you think the White House has a BIG position in GEL options.....??!!) the local Natchez newspapers are crying for happiness...without the GEL the branch RR being used would die. Even the Gulf Coast refineries are crying for happiness,too: they are built to handle heavy crude from Venzuela etc. they can't handle sweet,light shale crude without EXPENSIVE Alberta dilbit is wunnerful! Deep down I kinda think that GEL is financing all those environmentalists screaming against Keystone...and perhaps the little envelopes are being mailed to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,too!! In any case we are going to score on this one!

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