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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Sep 28, 2001 9:02 PM Flag

    PG Overcompensated

    Compare Sun Microsystem's sales and business to that of ASCL's. Then look at the compensation PG is earning compared to Scott McNealy. Then realize how much PG and his cronies are ripping off from our $1.0 billion. We must sue these unscrupulous louses and do so immediately before they rip off all our money. See site below...

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    • what a dickhead you've become.
      first, last year year mcnealy earned 4.9 million in salary.
      second, last year mcnealy had stock options worth many millions depending on the stock price and which by the time they are exercisable, will make his salary look like petty cash.
      the salary is nice but the real prize is in the stock options and of course you knew that.

      really, if you dont know or understand something, there are many on this board that can help you. you have many friends that are more than willing to give you a helping hand.
      keep in mind, an informed and knowledgeable investor is an intelligent investor.

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      • McNealy and others forfeited bonuses based on performance, but hold a lot of options with a (currently) unrealistic strike price. McNealy, meawhile, got a lot more options with what appears to be a high strike price, but with a 10-year lifespan, per that report. What's to stop them from repricing, when things turn better?

        McNealy has more to answer for, to shareholders, in terms of a failed business plan. They made all kinds of deals with dot-coms to buy their stock and otherwise finance them, in order to sell servers they never really needed. The collapse of the CLECS seems to have gone unnoticed until the roof caved in, and SUNW lost money on equity held in their own customers.

        Meanwhile, based on a 52-week high of about 62, seeing the stock hit his next strike price within a year or two would not be unreasonable, assuming a decent economic rebound. McNealy's potential earnings are far, far greater, as a spur to his own performance.

        This country's long-term problem is lack of infrastructure, including broadband to power Internet II, which is now running ($1 million entry point). SUNW would be involved in any infrastructure buildup, assuming we ever stop paying for the military buildup instead.

        Comparing ASCL and SUNW makes no sense whatever. Mr. G. took on a big job, and deserves what he gets, when and if he maximizes shareholder value. In the meantime, it was a rescue operation, and a lot more work than running a "successful" company, and that has to be rewarded. ASCL has made an investment in him, clearly.

        There are plenty of execs out there who run salvage operations, strip the company of value, and walk away wealthy. I don't see Mr. G. as in that set. Neither do those, from postings here, who've worked with him over the years. I'll take their word for it.