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  • mets98winall mets98winall Apr 19, 2002 4:50 PM Flag

    PG must go!

    This clown has had 21 months to right the ship and he has failed. share price is dropping off a cliff. The recent aquisitions look mighty silly to me. paying premium prices during the worst recession in years is out and out ineptitude at it's finest. Just what the heck is he and his band of merrymen doing on behalf of the shareholders? I see he hasn't suffered financially like the shareholders have. His salary far exceeds his deeds. I hope this joker faces the lawyers real soon. I smell a major class action coming, and soon before the warchest is gone.

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    • PG's salary at least must go. You can't reward someone (and the whole management team) for such poor performance. They had opportunities for cost cutting over the past year that are just bleeding the hell out of the company. So instead of posting profits and what would make this company stand out... it's just another pile of poo in the hasbeen arena. And all you fellow shareholders cling to hope instead of pressing management for action. Pathetic.

    • I would add that the mentally deranged also end up here, and that's who you just replied to.

      Enjoy each other.

    • Hahahahahaha.....
      Nuff Said!

    • IMHO...
      Peter Gyenes(?) is a nice guy... I have met him on several occaisions.

      The problem is that ASCL fail to excite the market with a software tool that fails to add significant value to any of its customers. Lets face it, what is exciting about a piece of software that takes data from one place to another? There is simply not enough business out there for ASCL to make their target of $1Bn t/o... thats where the strategy falls down and I am sure the markets can see this - the Datastage family has limited appeal!!!.

      No one can doubt that PG is a clever guy... he has taken the same product through numerous M+A's and always made himself and his close friends A LOT of money - unfortunately at the expense of investors and employees alike.

      They are moving away from long term strategic relationships with clients and cutting down the number of 'service' related product lines they offer. The sales 'management' (I use the term loosely) is now almost entirely ex-PTC and PTC (under these guys) had a long history of 'take the money and run' business ethics. They have a cut throat approach to both competitors, clients and staff and this will be their downfall.

      So far, they have failed to impress either customers, prospects, analysts or their own staff (though the staff will say otherwise - they have to out of fear for their jobs!) and this is demonstrated by their stocks performance - or rather lack of it.

      Someone with cash problems will buy them... And if this does happen, they had better get rid of the management because if they dont they will get their backsides well and truly bitten off!


    • Good luck -- I've been singing your tune for two years now. Shareholders in this stock are too stupid to file another class action until PG and his cronies bleed this company dry.