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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Dec 4, 2003 1:46 PM Flag

    Just made $2000 shorting again today

    Shorted early this morning witht he first down tick, and just covered for a quick $2000 gain. I love this predictable stock! Looks like the holidays will be PROFITABLE once again! I love you sucker longs!


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    • Glad you are able to make some money. But why do you have to be so mean?

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      • If you've been reading this board for a while you'll have noticed that whenever ASCL goes down Investment Guru just about ALWAYS says that he shorted and covered at precisely the right moments to make money....but he always tells us this AFTER the fact. He used to provide prices but stopped after several posters pointed out that there were no sales at that price. Only the cognitively challenged believe him!

        As for his mean posts ridiculing others and trying to build up himself I believe they are a result of his low self esteem and a deep-seated insecurity. He makes up stuff and puts down other people because deep down he feels inferior. That's why he's constantly posting to tell everyone how bright and savvy he is. He's not unlike the virgin freshman male at college who brags about how he gets laid so often. The lower the self esteem the more he'll try to compensate for it by making stuff up.

      • Because the asshole longs on this Board are mean, vicious, and vacuous. I fight meanness with meanness, and I love to gloat about the money I'm making at their expense. Just because they are all sleeping with P(I)G doesn't mean I have to listen to them spewing their nonsense! ASCL is doomed -- always was, always will be!

      • He's not mean. He's happy that be won $2000 in Monopoly today. Believe me, if he was any kind of an investor he says he is, he wouldn't be living with mommy and playing Monopoly every day to earn his investing money.