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  • mentges mentges Oct 4, 1999 2:47 PM Flag

    Earnings . . .

    I too hope his information was inaccurate - but
    as I said, he was very bullish in the long term. It
    was a comment in passing - people often sit around
    large tables at the Faculty Club and discuss their
    research, etc. He mentioned he did consulting for high tech
    companies including Informix, and my ears perked up. I
    don't know if he heard the "balance sheet clean-up"
    through the Informix grape-vine, or if he talked directly
    with the CFO.

    As for the price of IFMX, another
    clean-up of the balance sheet might actually be good, if
    Wall Street feels confident that all the bad news is
    finally out. Depends on the extent, and the forward
    looking statement.

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    • This company has been under a magnifying glass
      for the past 2 1/2 years. After two restatements,
      everyone knows they cannot stand another one, nor should
      they have any write offs. There are still some tax
      credits from the old days. IFMX should be a pure as the
      driven snow. There should be no write offs or charges it
      can take. I'm holding Dex to the 20% growth he talked
      about, and since overhead has been lowered there should
      be some good earnings on this revenue. I don't know
      why the market is doing what it is doing, but IFMX is
      improving everyday. This company will be in the thick of
      things when the real counting is done. BOTTOM LINE--
      Yours is a bull Zhit story. Find another stock to