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  • clarkpetersen1944 clarkpetersen1944 Jul 14, 2010 6:41 PM Flag

    come back after a nice meal log on to td ameritrade

    Look closer before you come to conclusions. NBG's stock has been up for several days in a row now, albeit on low volume (compared to the 52 week average). What this means is that the big buyers (500,000 shares and more) are gone from the NBG market. Only the little investors are left. However, all these little individual investors are solidly behind the stock. They ARE buying. Later on, when NBG releases 1H earnings, the big buyers will jump back in and then there'll be a pop.

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    • onlysomeguy, thanks for your input. I understand the pps in ETE and how itt reflects here however; I wasn't clear as to my statement. I am just worried that once it hit 2.60 they usually knock it down again. But you're conditions take it to wherever it may be.

      clarkpeters - hope you're right !