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  • debreasystems debreasystems Sep 29, 2010 11:48 AM Flag

    why grease may drop out of euro union

    you simple minded 1/3rd of the distance to halfwits, grease was a joke you idiots!
    as usual bust somebody on a spelling pun and ignore the question.
    you don't see what's happening in europe today? "grease" has had the most severe riots to date, today riots in spain and ireland. it's fiat money you fools, america pays in 1/3 of the bailout to the IMF from taxpayer funds. where you thing the moey comes from smart boy?
    now bernanke is talking another 1TRILLION in QE2? how many jobs have "they" created in 3 years?
    europa is auguring in.
    greece is a beautiful country been there a couple of times.
    DIE! ya fool!! you know nothing!!

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    • debreasysytem... so basically you have a very negative outlook on Europe and the USA.

      You obviously have a very negative outlook and that is perhaps the most unhealthy way to live must be very stressfull...isn't it ?

      So remind us why you are on this board ?

      Why don't you just move you money to one of the BRIC countries and live happilly ever after?

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