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  • debreasystems debreasystems Sep 29, 2010 1:52 PM Flag

    Greek Bashing............

    you're confused my friend. there's no bashing or contempt. i work quite hard for my money. i posted a video and asked for intelligent opinions regarding it. what i got were a bunch of kool-aid drinking criticism about spelling "errors". if you've the time explain to me why the germans in particular and the imf would want to continue to fund a country that realistically can't now or in the foreseeable future pay it's debt. then briefly explain to me why the greek people would intentionally sell themselves into lives of essentially slavery to pay off this impossible 14% of gdp debt in inflated euros? i'm asking questions dr. science because i was looking at nbg as an investment. i try to figure the situation out prior to actually putting my money on the table, unlike yourself presumably.
    tagged drys for a pretty good hit myself in the last couple days. so....i actually love greece and the people.
    just want to know if i'm spending drachma's or euro's, questions not to tough actually, should be answered prior to puchase in my uneducated opinion.

    • Repeat just in case you missed it the opening....

      At the end of the day, if one is not happy with the stock that they have purchased they could always sell and move on to another stock that will make them happy. Why stick around if there is so much contempt for Greece or NBG ?