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  • market_logic2010 market_logic2010 Oct 2, 2010 2:37 AM Flag

    Are the Albanians going home?

    haven't been to Greece in years. Are the Albanian illegals returning home now that job opportunities are dwindling? Is there a move in Greece to increase border security or deport the Albanians? An estimated 10% of Greece's population is made up of illegal immigrant Albanians.

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    • There's some 800,000 of the buggers, according to one estimate,
      in Greece. Don't know if that includes the illegals. Some have papers
      so they have permanent resident status. Some have picked up and
      left, others haven't given up so easily. I expect more will leave as
      the jobs situation worsens as it undoubtedly will in the coming months
      I live in a rural area and the ones that are here do mostly
      construction and whatever odd jobs they can find, they're not the
      farming type. Don't hold your breath waiting for the government
      here to expel the illegals. The EU bureaucrats will step in with their
      human rights BS. The EU as a policy encourages immigration
      into EU countries because it breaks down ethnic identity and
      discourages nationalism. The EU's two worst enemies.