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  • newdayjoac newdayjoac May 11, 2011 12:15 PM Flag

    what the greek bonds worth ?

    in this default?
    40cents 50cents 75cents?

    much of this been priced in?

    who can guess these values?

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    • 35% haircut already priced in is what I have been seeing from most annalists. More damage can be absorbed if NBG prices out a stake in Financibank (sp).

      I think NBG can withstand a huge hit here (50% or more) as they have not played all the cards in there hand. Then there is still life and efforts being put into the merger with Alpha behind closed doors. All in all, the only question is weather or not we have found the bottom or not, but this will be a stock that spends a great while advancing in price even when other things in your portfolio do not.

      I may not have been playing with fire for as long as some on this board so I have had a much shorter drop. I started in on this after turning a nice profit on the IRE pop.
      Keep inching down and sell the spikes in price on good news, when you think we have not found the floor, and you will come out smelling like a rose. I managed to make 22% when the merger news showed up and vanished and then began averaging back in again on the way down to this new 52 week low. Keep your confidence, its what makes or breaks a good investor.

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      • thanks ! so this a great way to buy greek bonds and a good bank as well..

        if the bond hit is less then 50% this will work ? if the hit is more like 60% or 65% then this thing gets wiped out quickly ?

        if i were them be taking a 35% hit now and sell the greek bonds and save the bank ...but i suppose they are not allowed to sell and if they did might really panic

        i can see greeks going back to the drac why pay off northern europeans for years and years?

        this a great speculation on the greek bond out come ....hopefuly they work things out at 40% hit only then NBG goes up