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  • dirty_tooth dirty_tooth Mar 14, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    Lets talk?

    With this stock pushing below 1 dollar what is stoping people from jumping in?
    I mean what is the worst that can happen really? buying in at these prices pretty much garentee a profit sooner than later right? NBG is greeces largest bank now, in my mind to big to fail comes to mind...Merica!
    When there is movement up and shorts start to cover we looking at a huge push up?
    Im a noobie investor 24 of age if anyone has any advice I am all ears. Thanks

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I owe you an apology, "tooth." My comments of earlier today were high-handed and abusive. (I've done a lot of Web research for years, and I've seen a lot of "over the top invective" in online forums. The animosity was so excessive I always shied away from participation, but I waded in here much too aggressively in the last couple of days, I handed out far too much abuse, and "the light only went on" when I began to get the same treatment {only much worse} which I'd been doling out myself. Not nice; no way to communicate... ) Sorry!

    • Chance of massive dilution in price $.50... I have posted this already...

      Taking the analysis one step further, if NBG raises 6.504 billion EUR in capital, then the book value of the company only rises to 3.634 billion EUR (new capital 6.504 billion + existing (negative 2.87 billion). Given a new share count of 9.14 billion shares (956 million existing + 8.18 billion new shares), this gives a share price of 0.40 EUR (3.634 billion EUR / 9.14 billion shares) at a price-to-book ratio of 1.00.

    • Why don't you invest a few minutes of your time in reading the extensive comments which were added to this forum before it attracted the attention of lunatics or Spammers? (I'm not sure how the most recent "contributors" should be characterized...) Anyone who's curious about how Yahoo could be experiencing difficulty as a business enterprise could get a pretty good idea by having a look at this forum (or is it a "message board"?...) It's "gone to the dogs" and now you've added your misspelled "contribution." It's probably obvious to anyone who'd be able to reply to your glib question that the effort wouldn't be worthwhile, so don't expect a reply other than this one... I feel foolish even for going this far... Too bad. I don't think The NBG Group will fail, but I can't say the same for Yahoo, Marissa Mayer or no Marissa Mayer...

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