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  • blueskydriving blueskydriving Dec 9, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Countdown to something different ...


    Gentlemen, this is the countdown to "something different" ... now I know we have sold off after earnings countless times ... I've been here longer than most (me and CJ) ... I've heard Massie overestimate, underperform, and make excuses at conference calls ... this time is different ... positive EBITDA, decent cash level, revenue growth, large backlog, even larger qualified pipepline, "thriving" UPS partnership, expansion overseas, iApps going social, double digit growth of the top and bottom lines in FY14 ... this time may be very different and it won't be long now ... sell it Taglich

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    • Blue sky here ya on the code 40,think a third dude in on with us as sneaky front runner today keepin shares for himelf maybe before finishing his SA article,........ held some for him but love the masked safety net BLIN can chaos while no nothings lose their notice till next events and we get new BLIN food stamp shares on the usual ground sweepings. Hate their sneaky dilution ( to pay the overhead servers and ramp-up boys) as lost .75 share value as BLIN no longer real low float sector star when shoulder taped to double on a flinch.

    • Hahahaha.

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