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  • blueskydriving blueskydriving Dec 12, 2013 7:04 AM Flag

    Lets talk about WIX


    I'll be the first to acknowledge that I am not in the website design business ... so, I'm interested in opinions here ... WIX is a website design company .... their business model is to offer "plug-and-play" free and premium service website design ... it requires no coding ... basically it uses templates ... sounds a lot like BLIN's iApps WebStore Express only a greatly reduced basic service ... remember WebStore Express offers a basic iApps mobile friendly website for $55,000 in 55 days ... so, this is my question for you pros ... could BLIN offer a free or low cost stepped down plug-and-play website design service for small businesses ... perhaps even with UPS logistics embedded services as an extra attraction ... the reason I ask of course is obvious for anyone that takes a close look at WIX's key statistics:

    WIX revenue: $68 million
    WIX EPS: -.91
    WIX markets cap: $914 million

    BLIN revenue: $24.5 million
    BLIN EPS: -.23
    BLIN market cap: $20 million

    WIX Price-to-Sales Ratio: 13.4x
    BLIN Price-to-Sales Ratio: .82x

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    • Although it sounds tempting based on those numbers, I don't think BLIN can be everything to everyone. They need to focus on the upper level customers and their core applications. WIX offers free or basic plans from $4 - $24/month. That is their business and their only focus. Once you start taking in the free or low cost customers, they will suck up all of your time in support. I don't think BLIN wants to go into a sales meeting of a multi million dollar company and they say, "oh yeah, you are the free web site guys". It would only dilute the brand.

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      • Agreed, at this point they need to be pushing larger engagements not trying to be the cheap solution. Which brings to question what is the price tag of their average engagement, they can talk all day about going after Fortune 1000 companies but even those folks have 30k web needs. They need to get more iAPPS sales and solidify the platform while winning larger engagements.

      • Good points luck...which is one of the reasons BLIN is shedding its low margin legacy bus. imo, Fortune 1000 cos. and others demand the ultimate functionality in their sites that address multiple capabilities and is highly scalable, it's obvious this is one of BLIN's core strategies. Massie states it's a billion dollar mrkt that is drastically underserved, it will be huge for BLIN if they establish themselves as the go-to Co. in this mrkt. It makes sense, "if you build it they will come".

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