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  • swampboots swampboots Mar 30, 2014 12:13 PM Flag

    Ok BLIN truth for all and last time for me

    Ok I own gold (very very very little) and want it to go to $100 so I can load up and finally do my own foundation, and spread the joy.
    I want BLIN to go to that phony paint taping .67 so I could start a foundation.
    Now the Street hit piece was so on the mark and ground ready to focus on little upstart BLIN. Guy who wrote it said almost nothing wrong all were essentially true for a 2 month period.
    I almost thought I should pay him as he acted like my operative, making sure BLIN was not ready for prime time and just when I thought I sold too many above 1.25!
    Now I owned BLIN for 5 years and know less than my psychological process which showed BLIN was my best performer each of last 5 years.. Yikes almost lost BLIN when it went to above $3 as it was low float mania and yes for first time the dilution with Taglich was considered a break in BLIN's conventional piety to tell the truth as I understood from BLIN CC's that cash flow would avoid dilution. However such schemes actually helped me knock off rival BLIN buyers.
    Now I am only writing this to retrieve it for myself later this year and gloat as BLIN allowed $1 share price at close.
    Now that they destroyed the charts while market is doing sector violence to BIOS and some Tech, BLIN ready to be nice prey for my heavier buying as only I , yes just dumb me knows how powerful this last PR is. First they did not lie in CC that they were indeed on verge of revealing, and 2nd shows that the 70% acceptance of all proposals to me a gold rush means that UPS the foremost picky sensitive litmus test approver of only the best futuristic applications makes them pant , means that BLIN masking losses dumping award winning business for this scalable niche in franchising.
    Can't promise but expect a SA article rebuttal by similar chap who hit the truth vein months ago!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I'll sign here for future bragging right. :D

      I have a split personality: on one hand, I day trade stocks within 5M to 50M market cap for fun. I probably have traded 1/3 of the 470 stocks on NYSE/NASDAQ/Amex. I cut loss religiously at 5-10%.

      On the other hand, I have this big position on BLIN when I see it dropping from a high of $1.3x to $.85, and I had courage to add positions.

      This week I went through my screeners couple times and wanted to diversify. I just can't find another one with both good fundamental and good potential, so I will add a bit more at $1, and keep a chunk of cash waiting for lower levels.

      FYI, other stocks I was marginally interested include INUV, INTT, ELSE, EVI, LRAD, LPTH, CYAN, and ELTK. Maybe you guys will love one of those than BLIN. :)

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      • mark.stafford Mar 30, 2014 4:06 PM Flag

        You will be able to add a lot under a buck because they will be selling stock soon. Its their MO for the last few years. Maybe the CEO and directors will sell too. You can add plenty then. If its so great other Taglich buying Why are they not buying? What does that tell you? They have had many chances. Your time to buy @ lower price will come this week, so back up the truck and go all in. JMO. Day Taders Wanted Monday.

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