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  • mark.stafford Jun 25, 2014 3:06 PM Flag

    My view of BLIN


    I think the worst is now behind them. Massie has been sent a very strong message of deliver or you will lose control. Once they get past this quarter things look very bright. JMO but this quarter 3, will be much better than the 2 quarter. I also see 2 or 3 more franchises singing up in the 600 to 2000 range in the 4 quarter. If they can make this happen look for a $3 to $4 stock making it very cheap right now. I did tell people to short it in the 2 quarter and that worked out well. JMO. I now control over 1 1/2 percent of the outstanding shares. We will see if it works out.

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    • Mark, you have always had pretty good insight on this one, but your new opinion is baffling. What would lead you to believe that anything is moving in the positive direction? All indications are just the opposite. Other than a couple of ds deals that will take forever to recognize revenue, everything is negative. They're losing staff, customers, and cash at a heavy clip. Even the SportsClips win sounded good, but a lot of that revenue was forecasted as renewable anyway because they were an existing Elements customer.

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      • mark.stafford Jun 26, 2014 10:53 AM Flag

        I have been talking to several interested parties about the company. I will not speak for them, but we agree their is value here of $ 3.00 a share in a private buyout/takeover. Plus I believe they can cut out some costs reducing cashburn. I don't know about employees leaving other than a certain business unit was not meeting its goals. I also feel [JMO] that its a strong buy for me @ .90 or lower. I have beaten management up a little. I am not some crackpot I am on CC's asking questions also someone who puts real money into something I think will go up. I was short and I told management and investors/people I was. My view is going long, I am not a day trader that will be here in the morning and gone by closing. Massie meet me several times years ago and knows where I am coming from so I never blindside him or Prin with my opinion's of their management style. Stockwatcher you seem to have some information I am not looking for a overnight jump in price but I there is a strong bottom @ these prices. I have had hard time buying any large amounts the last week. Goodluck to all and again I am not telling anyone what to do, just what I am doing and why.

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