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  • kruggerand kruggerand Aug 23, 2012 5:27 PM Flag

    Queen would like your opinion on NOK

    Queen, now that we can rest easy with TXT, can you help me rest with NOK? Seems to have bottomed and turned around (similar to TXT). Have more than I wish to admit to, held on like I did with TXT sure wish I had the courage to buy more ... Lupune might share some of his. Anyway if you have been watching and have an opinion would appreciate it.


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    • Krug, I am split on Nokia and cant quite figure it out. While I like their new windows-based phone, they are late to the party for tablets where some of the PC market is shifting to. On a technical basis, NOK has made its bottom and sees immediate resistance at 3.29, followed by around 5, and 5.56, 6.75, and 9.25.;range=2y;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=candlestick;crosshair=cross;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

      It is benefitting from RIM backlash (perhaps investor rotation), Samsung ban on sales, and possibly a tablet surprise on the way. I am still a little uncomfortable adding more but will keep what I have for it is showing the signs of goodwill Sprint had recently and may very well rise to around $5 in the near-term. I knew it was a steal when it was $1.75 but around the resistance at $3.29, I am a little cautious adding more. But today's action sure seems like it is going to $5. Longer-term, Lumia acceptance and Tablet will determine whether it makes profit or bleeds cash but I am holding what I have and it may very well be a steal at these prices if Lumia and its tables take off.

      By the way, TXT is OK but I will feel better after it breaks through 29.32 resistance.

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      • Thanks for your thoughtful reply and insights,in hindsight I too wish I bought a ton more at under $2 .. have as much NOK as TXT, got a call recently from the "compliance officer" asking me to explain the big changes in my "stuff" and whether it was broker or self holding on to both big positions ...I need to learn to take something off the table at times but have been schooled in buy and hold. I also think we are OK with TXT and can expect better days ahead...don't know if I will make it to those happy days but someone will and I hope sell at the top unless they are getting great returns based on their inheirited cost basis...You have been a great additon to this board and probably others...keep it up your thoughtful insight helps the beginner and the experienced...(those that have taken some belly punches).

        Best and keep up your good work ..or start a web site !


    • I rode NOK up in the late 90's ... it may break out in the next year but I've not followed in detail for a decade ... I gave my son some TXT for his wedding last week ... a sure thing!!! (I hope his marriage is also!!)

    • Bought 1,000 shares @5 b4 dividend. Got 1,072 now. Sure hope it soars soon !

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