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  • ggekko1243 ggekko1243 Nov 9, 2012 12:19 PM Flag

    Solution re Fiscal Cliff ...

    Before Obama speaks, I offer the following budget outline:
    Revenues: No change in p/r or Bush cuts for 2013
    For AGIs over $1MM either revert to 39.6% rate OR keep current rate and limit deductions such that overall revenue gains would be at least the same.
    Incent the repatriation of offshore bank accounts.
    Eliminate Corp welfare (e.g., oil subsidies).
    Reduce Corp rate to 25%
    Keep 100% ITC for 5 years, thereafter phasing down in a manner to incentivise near-term capital spending.

    Entitlements: Means-test for SSI and Medicare. Those with, say, $20MM in liquid investments do not qualify.
    Increase cap for SSI/Medicare contributions.
    100% electronic medical records in central DBs.
    Change reimbursements for Medicare/caid from fee for service to capitation/salaries.
    Reward quality outcomes and controlled utilization with bonuses.
    Punish over-testing and redundant treatments.
    Defense: Redeploy "occupation" armies in Germany and Japan.
    Phase-out cold-war era weapons systems.
    Use DOD-supported schedule of cuts (not too far from sequester-levels).
    Energy: Invest in natural gas, wind, solar, geothermal and nuclear.
    Increase subsidies for elect and nat gas vehicles.
    Education: Invest/subsidize online alternatives as well as traditional schools


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