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  • ggekko1243 ggekko1243 Aug 18, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    Just returned from 2 weeks in Cape Cod ...

    Great weather and, after a few years, was still able to do the entire rail-trail ... real estate still a bargain, e.g., a 1850's captain's house on Bass River with 1 acre for $600M ... but, back to business ... someone get Ichan to force some break-ups!

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    • Good to get away good to get back, clear the mind , put things in perspective ! To enjoy our success, not worry too much about our failures, spend and outlive our money while we are alive, do good for others, and don't take ourselves too seriously. One of my children asked the following question that I am struggling to probably have the perfect correct thoughtful answer......" If you had to give advice reflecting your wisdom, knowledge, opinions after surviving 75 years , what would think is the most important to guide others who "worked there way"? I ask you this Lupine and others because some how I sense we have rowed the same boat ...worked the same are some many out there working at TXT and elsewhere ...think we will survive OK but he younger "workers" need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.....your words and Right Queen helped many.....As you can see I get wordy at cocktail hour....glad you are back and can contribute to this and other boards.


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      • OK ... here goes ... I defer on one "most important" piece of advice as there are several ties ... when I interviewed at the Syracuse School of Architecture in 1968, the Dean's advice was to "be aware" which I will never forget (note, I transferred to the Business School which raised my GPA from 2.0 to 3.9 - draft and all - also much more lucrative) ... I will add the abilities to have sound perspectives and judgments as well as strong analytics ... in terms of values, I favor honesty and fairness (as in "do on to others") ... finally, valuing hard work and having fun ... think of the percent of your life working in your career ... that time should be fun (I feel sorry for those who can't wait for the weekend) ... savor the days you can't wait to get to the office to solve the problem you nailed at 3 in the morning! ... I was with six companies in various industries ... five were bought out and one failed ... had that not happened, I would have never learned the defense, entertainment, real estate, financial services, consumer products, health care and other businesses (not to mention severance packages) ... hope this helps ...

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