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  • shantilouise shantilouise Nov 29, 2001 6:45 PM Flag

    Point of information.

    Monsters Inc is already elegible for an Academy Award, especially in the new category.

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    • Thank you for your kind regard in this matter, but I don't think you answered my questions.

      • 1 Reply to mr_pixar
      • ...looks to me like she tried to answer, but simply misunderstood, poorly worded questions from the poster who cried wolf (contradiction) too many times.
        ...noone else ventures to answer even your valid questions because they don't care to see their every sentence dismembered and ridiculed in your foolish parrotgames.
        ...and maybe, noone wants to do your homework for you since you've just declared that you'll do no work on your own.

        that said, i'm not concerned (or hopeful) about your responses (i deal w/a 3-yr. old daily) here's MY tardy answer to your questionable question:

        ...not all films are created equal, nor are their marketing promos equal, nor are the socio-economic conditions in which they are released equal - so drop the "metric" word, it ain't calculus and nothing's a given on future BO. however, from discussions/links on this board (years past), i do have 20-30% of DBO in my own mind, as quite possible with re-release of MI after we win the Oscar in March '02.

        (now YOU say "thank you for your opinion")