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  • yahoo yahoo May 10, 2005 9:00 AM Flag

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    • just got a MER update (07/29/99), they cut the
      rev est for ABL from 190 to 155, thats 18%. no wonder
      the stock got bombed. they had been thinking that
      video would sell 28m units, now they are in line with
      steve at 21m units. no mention of other

      fy99 est .65 from .69
      fy00 est 1.15 same
      est .47 from .59

      target price 51 rating -

    • But Mr. Jobs just displayed Apple's new
      flat-screen (G4, I think), which can play videos.

      showed clips of ABL! And they looked great.

      another reason to own Pixar long term; the future of
      graphics and video is some kind of merging of TV and
      computers...With the best tech. in the business, Pixar stands to
      benefit greatly.

    • Seems that 34 might hold; Here are the
      resistances Pixr will have to overcome on the way up from 33
      each break of one announces that the next will be
      tested soon. some will go easy others will be really
      hard; Here goes:
      34 1/4 ... 34 1/2 ... 36 7/8 ...
      38 ... 39 ... 44 ... 49 ... 53

    • .

      Sign, RJH-PLS

    • s means that the buying pressure is slowly mounting, it's the first ray of sun in the storm!

    • I do agree with your positive comments about the
      benifits of the Disney/Pixar relationship. And, I am sure
      that in time Pixar shareholders will see a great
      return on their investment. Pixar is a great company.

      Today is a good day to buy Pixar stock at a huge
      discount. I don't think these low prices will last for
      long. Too many positive events ahead of us for the
      shorts to remain still.

      Good fishing, RJH-PLS

    • that matters, it's the big block sell offs into
      the latter part of the day.
      My guess is that stock
      options for Pixar expire in August or someone knows
      something we don't.

      It looks like a opening over

    • Today is either the last day of the fall or the first day of the rise; The open will tell

    • Of course he will talk about Apple the loser

    • 8/31/99 15:00 Hrs Local Time

      Friends and Partners,

      Good day to all of you, this
      last day of the month
      of August.

      I fully
      agree with the posts of RumorWhisperOrBuzz and


      Pixar's stock price at present levels is a GREAT BUY and
      a rare opportunity for anyone wanted to be add this
      stock to his holdings, or increase his present

      For various reasons which has been analyzed in
      length, the stock has underperform, something which is
      painfull presently to many
      of its
      However, personally, I am most confident that sooner
      later Pixar will start performing again.
      To this
      respect, I am doing my utmost to increase my present
      holdings on shares and options calls.

      Disney/Pixar relationship, I agree with what
      Robear has
      written in his post.

      Things Take Time (TTT), and
      what a better way to build a brand than having a long
      relationship with the best.
      There might be a cost to this,
      I agree, and I am sure that Steve
      Jobs is fully
      aware of it.
      However, even considering "the cost",
      I am sure that
      Pixar not only will reach its
      present goals but will easily

      Have a nice day ALL, Shorts, Longs, Daytraders, and
      all investors.

      Best Regards

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