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      Perfect: Toy Story 2
      Getting Boffo Box Office � Part

      By Alex Berenson
      Senior Writer

      Ok, Toy
      Story 2 is even bigger than Disney and Pixar hoped. Now

      TS2, the computer-generated animated film
      produced by Pixar and
      distributed by Disney, has
      pulled in more than $80 million in the five
      since it was released domestically. Only two films,
      this year's
      Star Wars prequel and the 1997 sequel
      to Jurassic Park, have ever had

      With this much momentum, Toy Story 2 is
      all but certain to break the
      $200 million
      domestic box office benchmark that marks a major hit. The

      only question now is whether the film has the
      potential to become a Lion
      King-sized blockbuster. That
      1994 animated feature from Disney was
      probably the
      most profitable movie ever made, generating $1 billion
      income by one estimate.

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      • Pixar Perfect: Toy Story 2
        Getting Boffo Box
        Office � Part 2

        "It's a great opening weekend,"
        Prudential Securities analyst Kathy
        Styponias says.
        "It's a best, best, best-case scenario."

        Yet in
        a classic example of mindless buy-on-the-rumor,
        trading, Pixar shares actually fell Monday.
        After opening at 49 1/8,
        Pixar traded down all day
        and closed at 44 3/16, down 2 7/16. It was

        trading at 44 1/8 Tuesday. At these prices, the studio
        has a market
        capitalization of barely $2 billion.

        The drop is probably due to disappointment over
        Pixar's limited release
        schedule. The studio won't
        have another movie out until 2001, and that
        the stock is poison to traders until then. Yet what
        Pixar has
        accomplished shouldn't be underestimated.
        Since 1995, Pixar has made
        three movies. All have
        been bona fide hits. That record is unheard of in

        Hollywood, where studios like Fox routinely watch dozens of

        films flop as they pray for hits. And flops that don't
        get made are
        flops that don't lose money, which
        is why Pixar has genuine bottom-line