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  • rexobXIP rexobXIP Jul 21, 2000 4:31 PM Flag

    PIXAR worth the buy...

    Just pointing out the truth... this stock has not
    performed. And if you consider this a defensive play, I'd
    hate to see what you consider high risk. With one film
    every year to year and a half, all Pixar needs is one
    underperforming film and this stock will hit the teens overnight
    -- god forbid they should produce a bomb, and this
    stock will hit single digits. Maybe that is why Pixar
    stock has underperformed so badly. But the reality is
    that Steve Jobs has done nothing to promote this
    company -- his focus seems to be on Apple. The stock is
    not promoted... the technology has not been
    leveraged, and the company pays its employees with stock, so
    all the appreciation is being erased by dilution. I
    love the company's product, but Steve Jobs is starting
    to remind me of Michael Eisner... a self-obsessed
    CEO who considers shareholders second class

    And by the way... I'll sell when I want to... thank
    you very much.

    A still frustrated long.