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  • bearofbleecker bearofbleecker Sep 10, 2001 5:31 PM Flag

    Q: Who's selling EMBT? A:

    Not insiders. Not mysterious and sinister MM's. Not institutions. Hint: All five Van Wagoner Funds list EMBT as their second or third largest holdings. The best of these five
    is down a mere 53% YTD; the other four are down between 69-70% YTD. Do you think that some holders may possibly find this discouraging and that Van Wagoner may be faced with some redemptions here? If the Morningstar figures are correct (and my math is correct) at the last reporting period, the various Van Wagoner funds may have held over 3 million shares of EMBT. Even if their investors are extraordinarily patient, I would guess they've been forced to liquidate at least half of this position. And this is just one fund family. We can assume, I think, that other "Technology" "Aggressive Small Cap" etc funds have been put into a similar situation.
    Personally, I view this as an opportunity and, even though I generally don't believe in "averaging down", I continue to buy into the dips created when these large blocks are dumped (Today I picked up another 1,000 at $10.80 and now own 15,000 shares.). To me, this still looks like an extraordinarily well-run company with great products and prospects
    selling at a PE of around 20.

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