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  • baldingcontrarian baldingcontrarian Dec 24, 2005 1:31 PM Flag


    I have to say i agree with that line of thinking nearly 100%. I was hoping someone who was unemotional about this could help me out...there seem to be a lot of kooks that like to blast off here-like that idiotcddog who still cant come to grips with his own ill-informed musings.

    peace out.

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    • BMY has said nothing about rgen. The news releases have said nothing about rgen. The message board for BMY has said nothing about rgen. The FDA when approving the drug never said anything about rgen. The only one who has ever mentioned rgen in relation to orencia is....... Rgen! Why is that? I think the patents that rgen have are quite solid or rgen would not be talking about them over the last couple years. But I think it is a bad sign that BMY does not acknowledge their existence at all. Because that means a lengthy court battle to decide the outcome. Maybe BMY and Rgen are talking, but why would BMY settle here or buy rgen here, because they know they have squashed rgen twice in court on what was considered to be quite solid patents for ownership, so why not try again and battle them in court. For BMY the loss at the end of the line would be nothing for BMY. History shows that battles like this when won by the company with the use patent, usually end up with a licensing agreement of 5 - 10%. On a billion dollar a year drug, that only adds up to $50 million - $100 million a year for BMY to fork out. The upside is rgen will shoot to over $20 on an agreement like that. The downside is because of the small price to pay, BMY is going to fight tooth and nail to the end. JMHO! ( I hope I am wrong, because I was right on the last 2 court battles BMY had with rgen and was wrong on the disaster, secretin for autism. So I am 2-1 right now. Merry Xmas. Cheers!

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