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  • djrboys djrboys Nov 27, 2012 2:32 PM Flag

    Whats going on?

    Another 5% increase at 2:30pm?

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • To Quantify, abguis, and others:
      I just read today's investment opinion from Seeking Alpha. The author seems to really know what he is talking about. He has a high opinion of Repligen's prospects but not as a high flyer. Instead he sees a steady rise in earnings even after the Orencia royalties go away. Hey, I will take a modest 10 or 15% profit from buying and selling Repligen two or three times each year. It sure beats 1/10 of 1% from money markets or 1/2 of 1 percent from 2 year Treasury Notes.

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      • Rarely even read Seeking Alpha (pumpers) / Rodman Renshaw ("buy when stock was a loser for 5 years BUT now have a HOLD when its going up!). However, seeking Alpha on RGEN was really in-depth and 10-15% / not high flyer will be fine, Believe that another acquisition if leveraged like the Swedish company would add $1.00 to share price and 1068 approval and partner add another buck up or down then the 2 little longshots may just cause the stock to decline .50 when fda fails. So all in all $9 is fine BUT looking beyond to $10-$12 when we use cash and partner and of course continue top and bottom line growth.

      • zeky1 - wow talk about in-depth analysis / awesome analysis. As far as Rodman & Renshaw and Seeking Alpha(normally do not even reas but this article really had substance. Yep not hiogh flying BUT BUT the trump card will be use of cash to acquire if its anything close to Nova...the company we just bought then we can add a few bucks to the estimated $9 handle and anything over $10 for me is DA BIG TIME - as usual we wait ha! But Q1 should answer a lot of questions: 1068 (great partnering that could bring in kaching in 2014) and the 2 long shots (partnering opportunities).
        So agree - not bad / pretty safe 10-15% and upside possibilities.

    • One thing that stood out was the percentage of institutional buying or holders. This went up from a 39%,41 % to 50% significant move. This is being looked at in a better light,almost a proven money maker. Have a great holiday season.

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      • also noticed the 50% institutional - validation that volume will continue to increase / low float so we are headed in the right direction after years of NOTHING - best and brightest are coming aboard - we have a focus now and everything else is peripheral to bioprocessing but not insignificant ie 1068 can add lots more with a great partner the other 2 are long shots for sure. Wonder if we see $1 down in share price if 1068 fda is unsuccessful - all three first Q expected results from fda so we will see. Hope we
        can leverage the cash as BEAUTIFULLY as we the Swedish acquisition - that was a big big bang for the buck!!

    • ohhh and heavy volume as well............357K

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