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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Apr 23, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

    P/E Ratio Under 20 -- that is huge.

    Seems like most investors don't understand the significance of this. Biotech guys never pay any attention to P/E. so it means nothing to them. Non-biotech only pay attention to P/E so 20 is not that impressive.

    The important thing is that this is a biotech play which implies potential for major home run action down the line (nobody knows what may be in store) - AND it is a solid company, so NO RISK if managed properly.

    This is huge. Seems like most do not understand. It will be fun to observe from The Grey Corner.

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    • It's so fleeting maybe it shouldn't mean anything at all. Looking forward to a good quarter. Hoping that this transitional stage, seems like that because of everything that could go on, will go on. The core business protein A makes this a interesting stock. The maneuvering that will go on is going on. The deal that is on going with the Bio's not jumping in keeping the Protein A distribution is fascinating. They see the importance of a continual flow. Like to have that job going back and fourth to Sweden sipping a Smithwick.

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      • Zero -

        I don't really follow you. Why is P/E fleeting? What is 'everything going on'? What is the deal with Bios jumping in or not jumping in to Protein A?

        I am an outsider who is looking in. Seems like a solid company with a good core business. you seem to have a lot of real knowledge about the company. Any further info you'd be willing to share would be most appreciated. I'd be interested to hear your general predictions/estimates for Repligen's future.

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