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  • freespeech73 freespeech73 Apr 30, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    RGEN analysis 4/30/2013

    Technical analysis only. (1 month chart)

    As you can see over the past week RGEN did not dip down to retest support. It looks like it's too late to dip down now before May 02.

    Instead RGEN has set up an ascending triangle pattern that now goes back 1 month. (This would be a hugh buy signal if there was high volume.) Currently there is low volume.

    The issue being that the top line of the triangle is at $9.12. There isn't enough volume right now to get it above that price. Every time the price gets between $8.98 and 9.02 there are a flurry of sellers wanting to get out at that price. However, the price that people are willing to buy the stock at has been increasing steadily for a month. This has resulted in smaller and smaller dips. (It also means that the floor is closer and closer to the current price.)

    The triangle looks to complete on May 2. With this current low volume, this stock could crash through the floor at any second now. (If demand suddenly subsides) However, with high volume this stock would break through the current ceiling of $9.12 and could rise $2.00. (based on the widest points of the triangle.)

    On May 2nd we should see this high volume. If there is good news this stock should rocket upwards. If there is any bad news, this stock will implode. Either way, this stock is about to move.

    DMI - Positive is 20 above negative but heading downward. (less bullish but still bullish)
    Oscillator - 60 heading down. It has room to move to 80. (means nothing but could be bullish)
    Momentum - below 0. (currently bearish, but could bounce positive at any moment to become bullish again.)
    MACD smoothed - below 0 and heading down. (bearish but sometimes doesn't last long and could rise to become bullish again soon.)

    As you can see most indicators are currently balancing and are ready to go one way or the other. It's not likely that the price will start going horizontal at $9 after May 2nd.

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    • I sort of agree with Brawn how is chaos charted. The mere point on point . If you believe anything on Heisenberg uncertainty principle. We can't calculate what's not known. Yes say you reach for something. You could chart that. You could because your brain is constantly updating data , direction. The point on point concept is lost on charting. The only update your able to get is after the fact. So to formulate a direction from some real time chart is losing because first data point was lost , second data your looking at is to old. What your trying to chart is a stencil image of a perception. So chart-ist get a kick from a adrenalin, endorphin rush when they take their concept to a wider picture. Their brains use a imaginary direction to reassure them. LOL

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      • You actually can calculate what is not known if you are looking at the data from a more informed position.

        example. I look like a psychic if I tell you your friend is coming in 5 minutes, and he in fact does arrive at your doorstep 5 minutes later. ...but actually, you couldn't have known because you were standing on the street. ....and I had seen him coming earlier from my from my balcony 3 floors up.

        If you know where to look and how to look, you can see. Stock prices are not chaotic. If they were, the market would be the worst form of gambling.

    • Freespeech73

      Have you ever considered evaluating the fundamentals of the company. Your technical analysis is an escape for someone who knows nothing about RGEN and knows nothing about RGEN's strengths or weaknesses.

      I say this without malice, take your technical; analysis and shove it up your hairy #$%$. We don't need your brainless, birdbrain nonsense.

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      • I already posted the fundamental analysis under a different topic. No reason to post it twice. ...all I was pointing out yesterday is that the charts were showing that the price would move rapidly today or tomorrow. ...and it did. Just because you don't understand TA doesn't mean it has no value. (especially when paired correctly with fundamentals.)

        (...and so I'll take it back out of my "hairy #$%$" and hand it back to you.) ...since the analysis proved to be correct.

        ....just trying to help you save/make some money. ....geez, sorry. :)

      • Brawn - what the hell - you snapped ha! Why? Is TA offensive or what? At least we are close to $9 and feeling a hell of allot better than 2-3 months ago at $6.

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