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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 18, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    The Pump and the Convertibles Dump!!!

    GNBT's life.

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    • Somebody "dumped" all right today!

      And i wonder why sooo many surprised "Mom and Pap" investors do not come back anymore!Duuuuh,when You see a trading like this today You know it is not real ,somebody is really using the system to his own advantage

    • Nothing changed?

      "Generex and Their Insulin Spray: Just Hype?

      15. biobug on April 7, 2010 1:41 PM writes...

      "I have met with GNBT several times to review their technology and data, while considering participating in their fund raising efforts. My impression was always that the company has a vague but decent concept, poorly documented formulation work, virtually no valid clinical work, and a lot of effort put into spin and press releases and fund raising. I always recommended strongly against getting involved with them, and extend that recommendation to other readers."

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      • you met with them,and how and why did you do that?

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      • I don't positively about them for their financing practices. Look at what they "Might Have" sounds great. In what you are saying makes sense as to why they are having to get funding in this dilutive death spiral type financing that is toxic to investor. I approached them as a middle man to find them legitimate financing through VC and they turned there noses up to the notion. Why would a company if legit turn away from VC when VC on avg. invest around $170m in each company they invest from the get go unless they are not wanting to show GNBT's real cards. I don't have a vendetta against them because they said no, it is the fact of what the company is doing to share holders and they know it. That is my impression with less hands on experience with the company itself as you have had.

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