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  • heyjose01915 heyjose01915 Jan 6, 2006 10:46 AM Flag

    4 mega trends

    I believe there are 4 unstoppable mega trends at this time that investors can make money with-the idea is to find the best of breed stock or stocks and take a long-long attitude #1 titanium--TIE;#2 uranium---CCJ ;#3 nanotechnology----??#4 the confluence of info, comm, entertainment wireless on internet--we are right in the apex of this trend---best of breed ? maybe GOOG or a slew of small cos.
    JMO jose

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    • I like Gold and alternative energy:
      Energy Conversion Devices (ENER).

      I expect a ramp up of hybrid vehicles : buses, cars, etc as oil creeps into the $70s. one national alternative energy bill and all those green stocks will go flying because of all the federal money that will be pumped.

      I just don't like what i see with oil too many problems. declining oil production, Iran, hurricanes, lack of refining capacity, unstable countries going on strike, and China and India growing so fast. not much room for slack.

    • I agree with all your trends except nano. Too much hype. Too many different things getting lumped.

      Instead of nano, I think hybrid auto's. TM, ener, etc. Think about it. hybrid technology is life changing in the same vien as MS in it's day and Goog is today. The technology is also adaptable. That is as new energy sources are developed ( fuel cells, hydrogen), they can be used in hybrids.

      The technology will elevate autos and preserve the environment.

      Look for long term developments in magnetic propulsion systems.

    • If you know of any companies using nanotechnology who are making money and growing revenues, I would like to know. I don't like to invest in promises or possibilities. It's too risky. I did that during the bust. Never again.

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      • Take a look at NNVC. It does not fit your parameters, but it is worth a look. A doctor told me about it at .23 a few months back. I hesitated because I could get no real info. It soared to $1.20. It has since fallen back to the .90-1.00 range but seems to be holding up.

        Their story is mostly about bird flu but they have alot of promising things on the drawing board.

        I make no bones about it though. It is a riverboat gamble, nothing more, nothing less.

      • re nano-have small position in TINY and larger position MFIC-lousy perf. last year-can't get out of BB "box" to get recognition and listing- has capital goods products for nano and flirting with profitability-could be a buy here after tax selling.Still looking for something else.

      • I got sucked in on an ALTAIR NANOTECH (ALTI) inrush and have been patiently waiting since. I am starting to believe that the whole company is a scam. Might as well kiss that money goodbye.