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  • wile_e99 wile_e99 Mar 18, 1999 5:09 PM Flag

    up pretty strong

    Things always look worst before they get a LOT

    Copper stocks are up. Oil stocks are up. There is a lot
    of feeling that Asia is showing signs of making its
    inevitable comeback. Commodities always lead a recovery, and
    I think this is no esception.

    You guys have
    been down so long you are starting to believe in down.
    I had TIE on my buy list, and watched it jump up
    today. I STILL bought it, because it is a steal.
    Normally, I don't buy any company showing a loss in any
    quarter in the last year. This one has so much cash in
    the till that I made an exception.

    If Asia
    does start waking up, Asia will be ordering wide
    bodies by the dozen.

    Just give TIE some time. In
    a year, or so, you will be lending money to your
    next door neighbor who is buying internet stocks

    Wile E.