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  • wooglin_kai wooglin_kai Aug 30, 2013 9:37 AM Flag

    "Experience the Myth"

    I've read some not so flattering comments re Greek Gods yogurt before; the following is the most blunt.
    While I am a fan a lot of HAIN's (acquired) brands, I'm scratchining my head about why HAIN bought Greek Gods. The purchase makes me wonder what kind of vetting HAIN actually does prior to making an acquistion. The company conveys that it cares about the products it sells.
    I know: business is business and perhaps pulling the wool over the uneducated consumer is worth the sales and presumed profits. I'm long and glad that Irwin frequently mentions the success the Greek Gods brand has experienced since it was bought by HAIN, but...
    Okay, most people don't read the Center For Science in the Public Interest's monthly healthletter "Nutrition Action" (though I'm sure wavesearcher and jgiled do LOL). From the September issue:
    "Going Greek Yogurt gets a makeover"
    this following text is front and center, at the beginning of the segment on Greek yogurt:
    ""Experience the myth," says The Greek Gods Yogurt Web site.
    "myth" is right. The company is one of the few whose "greek" yogurts aren't made the traditional way--that is, by straining ordinary yogurt.
    The straining removes some of the liquid whey and leaves more concentrated solids behind. That makes greek yogurts thick and rich--even if they're fat-free--and higher in protein (about 17 grams for a 6 oz. fat-free plain) than non-greeks (about 8 grams).
    The Greek Gods creates it fauz greek yogurts by thickening regular yogurt with pectin and/or inulin. Since the yogurt insn't strained, a 6 oz. serving ends up with only 6 to 8 grams of protein."

    No Greek Gods products received a "Best Bite" or "Honorable Mention"--of the thirty-five products included in the accompanying table, 20 did get positive nods; but again, NOT the "faux" Greek Gods products.
    Hey if someone likes Greek Gods "Greek" yogurt, more power to them, but if the public ever realizes they are not really getting what they think they are getting....

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