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  • josesmoyer josesmoyer Nov 13, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    maggots in earth best baby food!

    Warning for all those that feed their babies from Baby food pouches!!!! This just happened to me! I bought 4 pouches at Target this evening. We got home, I gave Molly the bag and she tried it and spit it out! Then I tried it, squirted it in my mouth and almost threw up! I spit it in the sink to find bug larvae!! Yes!! Watch the video to see them for yourself!

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    • Have any major newswires picked up this story? The story has been circulating for a few days now, but haven't seen it in any major press outlets

    • I really WONDER whether "Molly" would be able to taste the maggots.

      Interesting what my Google search of "earth's best maggots" yielded.
      Given my lack of success posting links, I'm not going to try to do so, but for conspiracy lovers: simply do the exact Google search I noted above and voila!:

      "Did The Mom Really Find Free-Range Maggots In An Organic Bby Food Pouch""

      I know, if it's on the web, it is not always true, but...

      Some of my favorite snippets:

      "- We even consulted with a well-respected entomologist about the possibility of insects or larvae being able to exist in the product. The scientist confirmed what we had already known. Current Good Manufacturing Practices, set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and which the company strictly adheres to, provide for high temperature processing of fruits and vegetables during the manufacturing of this product. Living insects would not be able to survive the heat treatment."

      "- We reached out to the mom who posted the video to arrange for us to inspect and test the pouch she had purchased. She initially agreed to allow us to retrieve the product, and we quickly arranged to pick up the product, but she changed her mind. Therefore, we have not been able to determine if there was some damage to the product after it left our control that could have compromised the product’s integrity."

      "For what it’s worth, the original video has disappeared from Facebook, and so have any references to it on the crusading mom’s public profile. Maybe we can all rest easy that massive maggot infestation isn’t the problem with these food pouches, but they’ve still been recalled. What’s got some parents confused, and had us confused at first too, is that while the maggot-infested food is from Earth’s Best Organics, baby purées from a different company entirely, Plum Organics, have been recalled due to spoilage problems."

      SO YES, I'M CALLING YOUR BLUFF. (re your assertion and whether you are even a mother of a young child)

    • Sounds like somebody is angling for a product liability suit. Remember the one about somebody's finger in the French fries? (well, it wan't French fries, but...). Maggots in the baby food? Ok... were the maggots alive? dead? If alive, well, it means that product was opened and available for flies to land and do their business... no more than a couple of days prior.... Which then suggests leakage from the pouch? Was there? Hmmmm....

      Ok, dead larvae.... One? Two? A hundred? In one pouch or more than one? If one or two, that might be believable. If more than that... well, doesn't pass a reasonability test.

      Bottom line: I think BS.

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