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  • drensber drensber Mar 11, 2014 11:33 AM Flag

    I really thought that higher volume would mean less price manipulation

    Obviously the past 6 months make that look like kind of a naive assumption.

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    • The fundamentals will drive this stock, eventually. Low volume on small cap stocks will create a drift on the price which is typically a relatively sideways range trending downward due to profit taking between news events. This may appear to be some type of manipulation, but the reality is low volume and no news=volatility. News will drive the big price moves, either good or bad. Personally, with the bright future of M2M wireless modules not in doubt, and Sierra now focusing all their resources in this area (the recent run-up a testament of the markets sentiment on this move), this is a definite long term play and the big picture for this company is very positive, no matter what the price might do on any given low-volume trading day. Typically Q earnings news will cause the big moves with profit-taking driving the stock back down between news events, but on this stock, big news can happen at any time. I'm in for the long haul.
      Just my humble opinion of course.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • It's so obvious what is happening, just look at the freaking charts. But where were they when the SP went from 7 to 21 in 2013?

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      • Every idiot on every message board screams MANIPULATION when their stock goes through a slide and your answer is take a look at the chart. The chart tells me the same thing, stocks go up, stocks go down, some are technical traders some are fundamentalists and some short and when you put this all together it just makes weird patterns. Again, without your default answer of "look at the charts" how is SWIR being manipulated ? Easy question, just the facts.....

    • Please tell me the FACTS as to how SWIR is being manipulated and not your suspicions.

    • Note that I posted this when we were still in the black (i.e. _before_ the $1 swing to the downside, which even further underscores my point). Could all you silly T.A. people with your "cup and saucer patterns", "wee wee and scrotum patterns", etc. go find another stock to mess around with instead?

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