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  • tiger_in_reality tiger_in_reality Jul 5, 2008 10:08 PM Flag

    Koreans boycott USA, Americans should boycott Korean LG products NOW!

    Koreans want to refuse U.S.A. farmers right to sell beef in Korea due to their desire to protect Korean farmers.

    Americans should respond likewise.


    We don't need them if they don't need ours.

    They are going bonkers in Korea because their farmers don't want to allow U.S.A. beef to be imported into Korea.

    Boycott all products made in Korea, such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG.. etc.

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    • good luck with that.. i wouldn't want to eat genetically altered beef either.. what's the big deal?

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      • That is not there reason. US Beef is 90% cheaper than Korean beef due mainly to the small size of the Korean Beef Farms and the high cost of feed.

        The reason there is the uproar and boycott ( it is largely over now) is because they spread internet rumors of widespread mad cow disease and linked the so called "downer cows" to mad cow disease.

        It was also orchestrated by Lee Min Baks enemies including those in North Korea.

        US Beef is flying off the shelves now that it is available.

        Most people were not involved in the demonstrations against US Beef although it showed many peoples true feeling towards the US.

        I recently paid $25 for 14.1 ounces of Korean beef at a restaurant.

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