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  • jetsen2000 jetsen2000 Jul 17, 2009 10:31 AM Flag

    LG Target Raised by CITI

    LG Display Target Raised To KRW43,000 From KRW36,500 By Citi
    Friday 07/17/2009 12:40 AM ET - FW

    Folks, I did the conversion and believe that this equates to $17.00 a share for the US stock. PLEASE if you think I am wrong then let me know, I did state $18.00 in a past post, but that was incorrect.

    What I have done in the past for the Korean shares of LG stock is this. I do the exchange of $1 USD = $1,266 WON then I divide the Korean stock price by this amount. Example: $43,000 WON / $1,266 WON = 33.96 / 2 = 16.98 ($17.00)

    So, the way that I came to this way of figuring out LG's Korean price compared with the U.S. LG shares is this. Take a share price (for example a price of the Korean shares a day ago) of $35,300 WON / $1,266 WON (Per USDO) = $27.88 / 2 = $13.94

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    • IMHO I think their stock price is driven by our market price for the stock. Be interesting to find out if the tail wags the dog or not. Even with the start of the market depressed the stock price doesn't move to badly. Vary low trading volume, but seams to pick up later in the day as market settles down. Just have to wait and see if your news pushes it further up. I did note some where 18-19 was what I thought the price target should be. Wonder how soon anylsts will start their buy recemendations. Yahoo still under 14

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