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  • saltynacho saltynacho Apr 10, 2013 11:53 PM Flag

    The DD Gang

    JimR, ddJim & Doc -

    Well……….. interesting to see Cubist drop on an across the board “up” day. But not unexpected :-)

    IF there’s profit taking on Thursday, which is what I would expect, the probability of WMC doing an SPO is considerably reduced. Nice to see that Doc and others bailed. Congrats Doc……………
    Please weigh in with your opinions guys!

    The current “buzz” @ TIGER is how to capitalize on the upcoming medical mari-jane market.
    Several alternatives out there – have any of you “smoked out” any specific details yet? :-)

    All the best,

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    • Hola -

      First off, let me offer my sincere thoughts and prayers to the friends and relatives of those who were in harm’s way up in Boston, MA. Down here, Telemundo is a bit behind and short on US news. Below is what they said –

      “Obama habla sobre las explosiones en Boston”
      “El presidente de EEUU dice extiende su apoyo a las autoridades de Boston para dar con los responsables!”

      It is truly a sad day for all of us, in the US and in every other country who had runners and spectators there as well…………………

      So, now to reply to Doc’s post in another thread.

      Hey Doc -

      Glasses…………. I don’t need no stinking glasses!
      Unless of course they’re filled with “Dark and Stormies”. :-)

      What about QUAD & terrior2 & roy?????
      Perhaps ddjim2’s Christmas song post will shake some of those “cobwebs” out of your gray matter??
      I can only hope so :-)

      “Cut-n-paste”, of course. Courtesy of the AGNC mb.
      ddjim2 – You didn’t copyright this, did you?? :-)
      The (DD) Christmas Song – by ddjim2
      From the AGNC message board. Enjoy……………..

      Long rates roasting on an open fire,
      The SEC nipping on your nose,
      Doc's profit calls being sung by a choir,
      And Porkus, dressed up in fancy clothes

      Taymere knows good earnings and some mistletoe,
      Help to make the season bright,
      Ben, Arsh, and Rim, looking for some big dough,
      Will find it hard to sleep tonight (you too, Foxy)

      Olee knows the dividend is on its way,
      Terr and Salty hope that 1.40 will save the day,
      And even YourBestFriend will start to buy,
      As JimR (and DR. K) tells us the price will reach the sky

      And so I'm offering this simple phrase,
      To Ray, Randy, REIK, ROS, RT, SAG, Al, Cat, Bruce, QUAD, Joe, Ephort, and Flightnurse too,
      Although it's been said, many times, many ways
      A very profitable Christmas, to you.
      All the Best,
      PS – “I've seen places you people wouldn’t believe…….. attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion……. like tears in the rain” - Roy Batty

    • Hey ddJim –


      GILD submitted their application for FDA approval for “Sofosbuvir” on April 9th.
      “Sofosbuvir” is an interferon-free, all-oral therapy.

      Several analysts’ have upgraded the stock since causing it to hit a new 52-week high today.
      It’s not too late to get back in! The HEP-C serviceable market is huge.
      Competition is fading………….

      Holding large, long and strong :-)

      Best of Everything,

      PS - Hey Doc, I never knew you were into lipstick. What's your favorite shade? :-)

    • Hey Salty,

      I met with Len Lauder @ the NY GM Club last year. I tried to interest him in trading GLAD/3% in its infant form but he was more interested in talking about his upcoming donation. Interesting fellow...



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