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  • stevensjose stevensjose Oct 18, 2007 12:43 PM Flag

    Chinese companies will soon dominate the world..It's a reality now

    Americans should wake up to the reality that the chinese companies now.are playing catch up real fast .Look at these numbers and figure for yourself..
    Look at these market cap from big american companies versus the chinese ones

    INTEL :155.40 B
    GOOGLE : 196.82B
    MSFT : 289.33B
    QCOM : 68.94B
    CSCO : 196.99B

    and here come the chinese response

    CHL =382.46B
    PTR = 443.72B

    Just name a few in order to compare..So stop saying that LFC is selling 1$ insurance to the chinese men and women..
    In another 5 years , i would think that the world most richest man will belong to a chinese man
    It's time for America to wake up and do something about it rather than look down to everyone

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    • Why "do something about it." Expansion of wealth in the world in a good thing. If you own a stock or bond, you want as many bidders for sell as possible. No?

    • What's your post to do with LFC stock?

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      • while we can't underestimate the chinese, i personally think it's deja vu... think back to the 80's with japan. we were all led to believe that the japanese would control the world in 10-15 years (big yawn). same stage, different country this time around. quite frankly, and i don't mean to sound rascist, but the east asians seem to do better following the pact, as opposed to leading the pact. there's no denying the dynamism and hard work ethic of these people, but aside from mimicking (note I'm not using the word copying) business models from other countries, there hasn't really been much original thought or creation coming out of these countries.
        china will a big story these next 10 years, but UNLESS they start developing their internal markets and ditch the save-every-penny mentality and learn how to be good consumers, they will probably go the same way of the japanese... (guarded affluence in a stagnant economy)

    • Your the one looking down at people........."richest man will be Chinese"............none of you would be working if you paid your workers what the US does, instead you pay .60 cents an hour in sweat shops, then export the products to America. Don't like America? Then don't export to us!! Then see how much your economy grows.

    • Why does america have to always be #1 in everything? You give up alot for being #1. What's the big deal of being number 1? How does that make you a better country or person? How much of your soul are you willing to give up to be #1? America's soul is making money, but forgetting its humanity towards others because of the almighty dollar.
      It allows its people to go without healthcare because of corporate interests. Trusting the corporations to provide healthcare to its employees. Short term thinking - America.
      Is #1 a good thing? I would rather be #1 in healthcare, education race relations and spiritual development.

    • How come as the richest person, he/she still belongs to someone?

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