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  • jim12010 jim12010 Apr 28, 1999 7:39 PM Flag

    What a joke!

    We should all listen to the brokerage houses!

    Morgan Stanly has a Strong Buy on MCK with a target price of 95.00

    I am reading a report dated 1/29/99.

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    • See post #2999 and my earlier ones .

      You be the judge.

    • I disagree with your shorts are right 70-80% of
      the time idea.
      After the big move the risk/reward
      swings and shorts are not right at this point. It is too
      simple to lump all these companies together because of
      restatements- CIEN has little track record and is a market
      leader in a volatile and changing field, CD always had
      accounting questions. I lump MCK at this point to when I
      bought TLAB last year at 34 and PHG (phillips NV ) at a
      similar price. If HBOC was a little sleazy by booking
      early - and burned by contingencies - then these must
      at some point be washed - early booking of sales
      cannot stay on the books forever. It takes a quarter or
      two to fully clean up - MCK management tightens up
      the companies then benefits from expanded clout among
      all lines of medical management. The point here is
      value and every case is different.


    • I would keep an eye on the kind numbers that
      shorts are going to be trying to hype from here. I've
      found throughout my trading career that they're 70 to
      80 percent of the time on target, at least briefly
      anyways, with badly battered stocks and MCK falls into
      this category.

      Remember stocks such as Cendant,
      and Cien especially though, they were all once high
      fliers. At its height Cien traded for around 90 but now
      in the teens and twenty's. Never fully recovered.

    • institutions, check the huge volume yesterday, they were all wary of this stock.

    • I wonder if, for the moment, MCK has changed from
      a momentum play to a value play. Does anyone think
      a lot of shares will change hands from aggressive
      growth managers to value managers? Happily, value is no
      longer a dirty word. Money is moving out of high tech
      and the internet, and into formerly uncool stocks
      like paper and aluminum.

      Many value managers
      are looking for companies that are basically sound,
      with a strong core business, but which have been
      ruthlessly punished by the market for some specific problem.
      Maybe some of the cockier value managers are starting
      to accumulate MCK now, while others more cautious
      will wait for further news.

      As for
      McKesson/Cendant comparisions:

      It's inevitable that people
      will compare the two. But comparing does not mean they
      are the same! Sometimes one compares in order to
      better highlight the differences.

      One thought is
      that the panic selloff in MCK was because people
      feared it was another Cendant. But over time, we may
      find that the accounting problems at MCK are less
      severe and less widespread than at Cendant, and that
      this difference in degree amounts to a difference in

      My optomist's [sic] word for the day!

      at $34.50, quite a lot of bad news already seems to
      be priced into this stock. I bought at 34-1/8. I
      plan to discipline myself to buy more if the price
      drops significantly.

    • I guess it depends on the time frame - theMCK
      side has always been superb. I doubt booking some
      revenues too early will occur after full integration into
      MCK. My strategy was buy a piece yesterday - If no
      second shoe then I'm set - if so and similar type then
      will pick up more- the key in these situations is :
      how much is the company worth? my answer is MCK
      (without HBOC) is worth more than what I paid for it by
      itself. The management is sound and will clean it up and
      hand shareholders value - look at the 5 yr chart.

      good luck to all whether you buy this week or


    • to many posts to find out what your spin is on
      all of this. What is your prediction for rock bottom?
      I hesitantly got 1,000 yesterday at 33 1/2 net and
      was wondering if I missed the boat and should have
      got more instead of waiting to see if it was going

    • It seems that the retail investors were the last
      to know and then it was too late to do anything. The
      stock opened 30 points lower than it's close the
      previous day. That tells me the institutional investors
      got tipped off and got out.

      Re the insider
      trades, how much of the insider buying was done with
      money borrowed from the company?

      One issue is
      MCK credibility but my concerns are beyond just MCK.
      I would like to know what role the major brokerages
      and institutions played in a 30+ point drop. I am
      betting that very few sales were small retail investors I
      would like to see who traded the big blocks and when
      they were traded.

    • I suspect are part ( how much ?} of lower earnings guidence.
      I picked 34 1/2 out of my hat. thats goodnuff.

    • Law suits without merit.

      click profile and
      look at the insider buying yourself!

      were paying $60-70+ so it shows that they didn't have
      advanced inside information about the accounting error.

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