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  • GoodHindSite GoodHindSite Jun 5, 2000 9:55 PM Flag


    I'm wondering if you have any comments about the
    press release Cerner issued tonight about their new
    internet venture and perhaps compare/contrast it with
    MCK's strategy. Does MCK have any
    advantages/disadvantages against CERN with respect to their respective

    Thanks for your substantive posts..

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    • Radiology, just like any specialist, just that,
      specialist. A talent that needs to be recognized. We're not
      all the same, either are they. The Rad Docs that I've
      met that are the "out of the box" thinkers are truly
      "paradigm shifters"! Does that make any sense? To them,
      every case is unique, stands on its own. If I'm linking
      PCP's to specialists, all kinds, I want new school
      flexibility & old school common sense. I realize much of this
      equates to "basic training" & effecting the intangible
      but it's still fun to put these two extremes in the
      same room.

      I appreciate the "what's in it for
      me" syndrome from physicians. Many factors play into
      the answer. Managed care maturity in their particular
      market will dictate "reward". Look at AZ, FL or MN & the
      incentives are dramatically different from TX, OH or MT. The
      basic common thread is accountability. Docs should make
      the common decisions & not fear financial or clinical
      repercussions (sp) from their peers.

      It's kind of
      funny, I've worked with physicians over the years that
      are dying to take on additional risk. They are
      fabulous docs but ignorant business people. They know it,
      I know it, they still want to control the
      healthcare dollar. There's really no reason to bring it up
      other than your mention of experience with physicians.
      Animal all their own.

    • >>Oh boy..... I realize I putting myself at
      risk here for a whole bunch of name calling but it's
      refreshing to get feedback with depth versus topical
      rhetoric of the moment. <<

      No risk whatsoever
      of name-calling. First and foremost, I am interested
      in acquiring knowledge. And if the opportunity to
      have a little fun presents itself, I have it. But, I
      will never, ever attack a reasonable, well thought out
      argument EVER.

      I presume that your background is
      substantially different than mine - I know a lot about medical
      imaging and radiology, which is where my knowledge of
      physician behavior comes from - through experience. I'm
      always interested in a different perspective though as
      I'm sure you are as well. Perhaps the problems I
      brought up could be solved with a little out of the box
      thinking.. That is my challenge to you - solve the "what's
      in it for them" problem. Heck, I don't know the
      answer either, but if that problem isn't solved, sales
      cycles will be very long, IMO..

    • We don't have a dictionary, we lost it in the 3rd Grade.

      Since you are obviously still there, could you look for it?

    • In addition to moving UM to the point of care
      (the physician), the software that's part of the
      ehealth puzzle are the electronic prescribing, lab
      results, and EMR packages and consumer education pieces.
      In a nutshell, the first three are designed to
      streamline dx and rx and reduce medical errors. The last
      will involve the patient more in their own care and
      improve patient/physician communication.

    • Actually the role of the PRIMARY care physician
      is increasing vs specialists/specialty medicine. I,
      for one, would not want to remove the human factor
      from diagnosis and treatment. I personally have had an
      experience in which the "intuition" of the practitioner was
      the deciding factor in a follow up procedure that
      turned out to be the right call. Medicine is a science
      but it is also an art. I'll take the combination
      anyday. I want my practitioner to have state of the art
      devices, drugs, etc to assist in their dx and rx but I
      want a human making the call not some algorithm. And,
      BTW, you no longer go to hospitals to die. You go
      there for surgery, procedures, treatment--which is not
      to say that people don't die there, but they're not
      going there to die. Symantecs? Perhaps. But get it
      right at least.

      As for your advice--get a second

    • get a dictionary, a locator is one who locates.

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      if you keep it around here for more than an hour!
      For the safety of all, please allow it to cool down
      for 5 minutes after each 15 minutes of use on this

      Thank you.

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