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  • audiophul audiophul Jan 8, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    "regardless of the nonsense, the stock is up from my 12/31 buy at $1.45."

    What a liar. Bought at the low of the, well, ever. You lying pumpers are hilarious.

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    • r u new to trading or just a dimwit? 1.45 wasn't even the low on the day I bought. $1.32 is 52 week low. Yahoo has easy charts u can't derive that info from. anyone trading for more than 1 year knows about tax loss selling. happens every December and will happen again next December. never ending supply of crying misfits who don't know how to turn coin on the easiest of opportunities. u must b the 1 who gave me those shares on the cheap ur picture is in the dictionary next to sour grapes.

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      • I say you are a liar. Nor do I care what you bought, when or what you paid. That you feel compelled to post your lies here only shows that you are indeed making this all up. Not that anyone cares. Hey, but if you really want to impress someone, here's what you do:

        Post your trade within a minute or two of having made it. That makes a permanent record of the POSSIBILITY that you actually bought at the price you claim. The way you do it, looking in the rearview mirror, people might think you are not telling the truth. As I do. Liar.

      • It is strange for someone to tell the world what price they bought at. Or that they are in the green. Typically it means the opposite. Why not just keep those things to ones self ?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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