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  • jobe1098 jobe1098 Nov 21, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    Today's Run-up and Subsequent Sell-Off

    I think the divident treatment really confused some people. I realized it early and didn't react, although I should've. Many retail investors awoke thinking the sp was a Godsend, and bought shares in masse pushing the sp up to 2.93 and an 80%+ gain. However, as more savy investors knew, the sp reflected the ex-date of record price. Hence, those same shareholders sold off, now forcing the sp down to about 1.95/share. I was confident this would happen, but hesitated selling. Oh well, c'est la vie.

    The positives from the earnings report; cash flow remains very strong, STV remains to leader in their space, although there's some weakness associated with delays opportunities remain, STV had some strong wins, STV projects stronger wins yet, STV will still have about $1.30 in cash per share after the dividend, STV has no long-term debt.

    From this point, we'll probably see some modest buying as new investors want to own a stock that pays such a handsome dividend. I like owning this stock, but regret not moving out earlier around 2.75 and buying back in once it hit two.

    We'll see how things go.

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    • you said "STV will still have about $1.30 in cash per share after the dividend"

      how so?

      as of sept 2012, STV has cash on hand of $191 Million , with dividends taken out the cash on hand will be $55 Million, divide by 59 Million shares, will give a cash per share of 93 cents NOT $1.30, can't you do basic math?

      STV will sell off below 99 cents in 2013,,STRONG SELL

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      • Correct, my oversight. It was an error in math. That said, the premise remains the same; strong cash flow, no debt, industry leader, new wins, etc. The stock will move higher from our current 1.95/share value. Your desire to see the stock drop indicates that you're short. It must've been quite a shock to you when the company announced the special dividend a few weeks ago. Your short point executable sp just went up to approximately 4.30. What price are you short at? Hopefully, for you, something over $5/share.


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