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  • gswkool gswkool Jan 10, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

    The brokerage side

    of the business will have competition from the reuters. this could hit bgcp profit hard. that side of business is more profitable currently that commercial re. it appears they are trying to bulk up on commercial re side quickly in an effort to compensate for the hit they are gonna take to brokerage side in future. in my opinion they will be going down before possibly recovering over time if they are able to build out the commercial re side into a sustainable competitive business. only time will tell. i'm staying on the sidelines - too much risk here for me....glta

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    • tell us something we don't know. you are a little late with this revalation.

    • Maybe I am mistaken , but doesn't BGCP own an exchange?????
      What is ELX??????
      Do some research before you make yourself look foolish.
      JMHO :)
      That's what I love about this country; too many know too little about too much. Buddy going though life stupid can't be much fun or profitable....

      • 1 Reply to herman.heman
      • Yes, I missed that -they have an investment in ELX. Still, the gist of the Reuters article still holds. More competition. CME Group, NYSE Euronext and the IntercontinentalExchange are gonna be tough new competitors with big pockets. What happens to margins with new competition? Most likely get squeezed fighting for share. My opinion...

        Anyhow, thanks for the information. That's part of why people post -to get feedback on their opinions. None of us are perfect, including you. I hope you keep that in mind next time you decide to post a derogatory comment about someone you never know or met.
        Anyhow, good luck to all....including you....

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