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  • srstozero srstozero Jan 2, 2012 6:24 AM Flag


    Man, These guys must have raped you big time. Rarely have I seen a poster hang out all day, every day, on a messsage board posting repetitive short babble about a stock unless they have a serious AXE TO GRIND. Being so sucked up and obsessed with one stock is not good for your health. Whatever they did to you, you should figure out a way to move on with your life. GL to you

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    • hahaha!!

      Not obsessed at all. No more then the shorts for OSTK or NFLX or RIMM.

      The amount is trivial.

      I just want some of the cream this crew has been sucking up for so long from other investors.

      They left themselves exposed with the legit ponzi scheme.

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      • <hahaha!!

        Not obsessed at all. No more then the shorts for OSTK or NFLX or RIMM.>

        OK, So you're a short. If I were you I wouldn't laugh until you were sure you get the last laugh. CFP is heavily invested in EV funds which have been creamed in the past year as Europe melted down. These funds are ripe for surging in 2012 if Europe stabilizes. If this happens, CFP will surge as well - And you will have to find another playpen to feed your daily psychotic obsession. This is because if CFP surges, I doubt you or your short will survive around here very long. Your short position in CFP will be obliterated and you will no longer have to hang around here every day to feed your obsession.

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