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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 26, 2012 9:54 PM Flag

    I am done

    I won't post here anymore.

    Enjoy yourselves.

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    • Use this as an oppurtunity to sell your shares in CFP into strength now that Cornerstone is being exposed for being LOUSY AND charges you a greater fee then the standard fee others charge for being LOUSY.

      Wow!! Your Welcome.

      Please stop repsonding to emails with follishness, I won't be responding to your foolishness with more then a cut and paste at best.

      Wait you must be a bear and just want me to keep the attack up on Cornerstone Funds..EUREKA WATSON!

    • Your afraid to actually do the correct math.

      "CFP inception Sept. 2007, 21% distribution policy, 21% times 5 equals 105%, and STILL Over $5.00 of stock price left.

      Yes so if they aren't making money where did they get the extra 5% from? from the R.O., hence why it is a ponzi scheme structure. DUH!! CAN YOU HEAR ME WATSON?

      Return of Capital is BETTER than "Loss of Principle".

      If that is the attitude your better off getting he 0.0025% interest rate without paying a talentless team FEES while the investor takes the RISK. makes sense?

      CHEAP TALK...ahhh youth knows no boundaries, you shall learn young jedi.

    • Numbers are louder than 'CHEAP TALK'

      CFP inception Sept. 2007, 21% distribution policy, 21% times 5 equals 105%, and STILL Over $5.00 of stock price left.

      CFP NAV 'UP' 12.12% year to date.

      Figures don't lie but LAIRS figure.

      BIG trade this morning...maybe some 'short' "figured" CFP wasn't such a good bet to short...or maybe it was the guy that DUMPED ARR yesterday afternoon to trade into CFP.

      Return of Capital is BETTER than "Loss of Principle".

    • ironroad...

      i like how you completely ignore the SA article and their take on CFP and direct shot at it's PRESIDENT.

      i mean seriously you giving me lip still about this? lol

      tell ya all the CFP you can, all of you...GOD SPEED.

    • Why don't you actually listen to what other write and add the rights offering CFP has done since inception and then re-calculate it yourself. I am not here to do your or anyone else's homeworkn for free. This is going to be there second RO in less then one year...last June they had one..I can't keep count with these guys they do so many..hence the ponzi pyramid scheme scenario it starts looking like.

      My advice if your going to invest $10K or more in a ticker its worth doing such leg work, don't you think?

      I am a little busy listening to CC for corporations that I acutally want to own more of at this time. GO FIGURE! :)

    • "...what do you get?"

      Same numbers; 21% times 5 equals 105% PLUS Over $5.00 of share price left.

      CFP Year to Date NAV "UP" 12.12%

      So how do you do your math? All I see is childish hahahah..."No Math."

      Enlighten me little one>>>>show me your numbers...I've shown you mine.

      jforuus I'm still waiting for you to back up your CHEAP TALK with some numbers.

      As for WSJ & Barrons...if they have since digged into the numbers instead of waiting to be "Spoon Fed" they must feel like that Ross guy, from ABC, that couldn't get his facts right about who belongs to the Tea Party.

    • jforuus you should be ashamed of yourself; spreading lies, anger and FUD.

      jforuus comes on this board(and who knows how many other boards) talking about things from the top of its head without any research...

      Had jforuus done any research it would have given a proper response to; CFP inception Sept. 2007 @ $15./shr. 5 years ago, 21% distribution policy>>> 21% times 5 equals 105% with OVER $5./shr left.

      Instead jforuus babbles on (in THREE separate post) its same 'broken record' chat....meaningless opinions.

      SHAME on you jforuus. I won't call you a LIAR, you'll do that to youself the next time you post here on the CFP message board.

      Best of luck to you jforuus, I hope things work out for you to get pass your anger issues.

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