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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 5, 2012 7:37 PM Flag

    CFP performance and how COLLUSION will safeguard DUMB F RETAIL

    Its a nice F'ng bounce this pos ticker finally is showing, unfortunately the pos management team still has much work to do...did you get the "pos" part?

    let me explain like a broken record....

    1. go to yahoo finance.
    2. type in spy
    3. in the compare box type in cfp
    4. click on 1year interval
    5. what do you get dumb F retail?
    6. add 18% if you haven't been using the DRIP
    7. what you get left over is what you lost and the managment team made, some body pocket the differnce? lol
    8. that is why your dumb f managment
    9 the loooooosers on this board say otherwise amaze me how they want to cheat dumb f managment! you have a long way to go.
    10. dump this pos and never recommend the CORNERSTONE CROOKS to your friends and just buy the SPY itself! What a thought? without having to pay the Cornerstone GANG jack D@$ick to come on the loosing end of the stick.
    11. Please post other funds and POS fund managers that are destroying DUMB F RETAILS net worth ritually, while they light matches of the back of your necks for their $43.50 cigar! post on the DIA,SPY AND GLD. COLLUDE TO EXPOSE GARBAGE OF WALL ST. don't be a F'ng victim all your lives! Victimize them!!

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    • Of course they are going to perform now because the NAME OF THEIR POS company is on the line and the entire industry is on notice.

      Its like an Amber Alert for DUMB F RETAIL..EOC ...Early Warning Operation Center.

      Now type in the Pimco funds and see how they performed with the dividend the hand you out!

      Do you see the picture, why this POS team really burns me, you can make mistakes but you CAN'T CHARGE above normal industry fees for pos results. JUST SAYING.

      This isn't going to go away, maybe option strategies to catch up and use your collusion to make gains under the SEC nose, right to that magical number before they have to investigate you.

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