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  • docholidae58 docholidae58 Jun 17, 2010 4:09 PM Flag

    Is this what our country is founded

    on stock manipulation to try and hold up a sector??Capitalism is great let it work and stop with the manipulation. It is very obvious. The real question is where are they sticking these shares into pensions??? We all know this is a scam. Three of the biggest owners of IYR are Citigroup, BAC, and Morgan-- What a surprise- The biggest holder is a pension fund. Hmmmmm - Lets fix this economy with hard work not stock rigging- How bout that!!!

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    • They have a right to buy them for their own portfolio of investments thereby propping the market. But it's the question of whether they are also using retail investor money as the bear market takes hold to support their shareholders' stake in the sector aquired at much cheaper prices. The argument GS keeps making is that its real customers are its shareholders and acting as principals it's okay to screw the trader. The second argument is whether collusion was established at each of the Obama meets with the bank CEOs. Coincidence that the heads of these three you named are at the center of the game and on Obama's advisory council?

    • I cant find one reason to buy these @ this level....

      Everyone chasing these unsustainable yields......all top 10 holdings are going to run into major cash flow problems

      Then we'll see how the bulls like the yield on these POS's!

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      • There is no reason to own any of these stocks they are diluting their shares and being held up for that reason. If they are going to issue shares they should be at a decent price to not screw the retirement funds but that is not happening-- This is not based on supply and demand just another governmnet supported manipulation plan with the support of investment bankers.

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