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  • legalaudiony legalaudiony Nov 15, 2012 4:38 PM Flag

    YELP Is Hurting Boutique Small Business across the U.S.

    This CEO, Stoppleman is forgetting about the human side of his model. He uses a software-robot to remove positive reviews from Small Businesses therefore hurting these mom & pop's bottom line. Until YELP is transparent with reviews it will slant itself as a heavily flawed, mean, greedy business. Someone tell Jeremy to get a heart...

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    • Can you post a link to any actual proof of your allegation that positive reviews are removed? I have found and posted many positve reviews on YELP and have never seen any of them removed. I have found that most negative reviews are posted by people that rarely or never post anything positve (it is actually entertaining to see what the self-entitled whine about). Like in any public forum, I.E. political debates, people tend to lie and spin and it is up to the public to decipher what is really happening. I do find YELP provides helpful information. I got sick at a restaurant recently and checked reviews on YELP and found many others got sick there also. Having that informantion access and confirmed it was not a problem with me but rather the food. Huge value in that information in my book.

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    • Did not Sam Walton and others forget the "human side" of their models? Then, so what and big deal! It is all about survival of the fittest. If you don't like it then go find yourself another universe to live in! LOL!

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      • Your analogy about Sam Walton is IMO flawed. Walmart may have issues with it's labor and suppliers but it provides a good service for it's customers. The negative press about Yelp comes from small business which also happens to be Yelp's market. It is not "bitter" to question the validity of a business model that alienates its main revenue source. In fact, it is a very prudent concern. I do agree that one shouldn't make investment decisions based on the perceived humanity of the company. However, it is a very dodgy proposition to suppose that Yelp can continue to alienate it's prime market and be considered a financially viable investment.

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    • When you're bitter it so shows in one's posts - please, take a chill pill - try to ignore you're anger, and try to move forward - Also, and a suggestion, stop making it personal - Good Luck

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      • It is absolutely true. I've seen it more than a dozen times with SMB clients. At some point, Yelp will be required to allow people to take their business off of there. And since it is a network model, and tons of businesses will remove their Yelp listing, the value of the business will crater.

        Stoppleman is operating on borrowed time. He's #$%$ off far too many people who he's supposed to be helping.

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