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  • legalaudiony legalaudiony Dec 11, 2012 6:16 PM Flag

    Continuing to Hurt Small Business

    Another fact worth mentioning, when you use your smartphone with the Yelp App, not only are the reviews selected by a computer model, there is NO access to the hard-to-locate filtered review section (not an option). This is a problem for the business owner. Since we are turning to our phones for info more than ever (and growing) this flaw AGAIN is hurting small businesses who just can't afford to buy there way around Yelp. Is this company afraid of transparency? Anyone from BCG paying attention?

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    • jon.knowlton Dec 26, 2012 12:33 PM Flag

      @ Legalaudlony

      You are whining..I agree with bluem3th that in the end, quality will prevail and will eventually make its way up the ranks of YELP.

      but to your defense...I am very tech Savy.. I have found Yelp to become less and less reliable via cell phone app. Over the past year I use Yelp less and less because of they way it ranks restaurants when mapping out an area. I don't want to be fed Yelp's marketing strategy, I just want the raw data to decide for myself.

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    • This is very true. As a business owner and victim of this exact post, I am not sure how this company continues to rig their game. If only they allowed complete transparency so the playing field was even for business owners. As it stands today, it is a huge problem.

    • If your small business wasn't infested with Flies and Rodents, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I know plenty of small businesses that have rave reviews. Clean up your #$%$ business and maybe you might have a 2-3star rating, maybe.

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      • I've got a 4 star rating on Yelp & I love em. However, as an investor I'd avoid them like the plague. They call me all the time begging me to advertise for $400 a month. Nobody at Yelp can tell me why I should spend my money on something I'm already getting for free.Yelp's business model reminds me of something that was designed by kids as a science project and never intended to be profitable.Don't think this is the kind of company that adults invest in.

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